Jan 7, 2010

Spark Fun 2010

Wow that was fast! Free Day is over. Over $100k was given away in just under 1 hour and 45 minutes. We had over 1,000 orders and nearly over 70,000 unique visitors. Our servers barely stayed up!

Thank you all for checking us out! Our sincerest apologies to all who came but were not able to get the discount. We are going to have a ton of graphs, images, numbers, and funny comments from Free Day on a Friday Recap home page post just as soon as we can get it together. Please check back soon!



It will be vary obvious if you can checkout and get the discount. If not, the page will state that Free Day is over. What does 'may qualify' mean? Hit the Free Day submit button and your order will be tested. If approved, we'll tell you. If not, you'll be returned to the checkout page where you can edit your order or just submit the order like normal.



Our site has been up and down today from the unprecedented load we're seeing.  We're tuning our entire site, top to bottom and inside and out to handle this torrent.  We're also shaving off a few features of the website (temporarily) to make everything faster, such as rating comments.  After Free Day has passed we'll re-enable everything we've disabled to weather the storm.


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