Oct 16, 2009

As every year, Apple updated its iPod lineup in September, including the iPod Nano, the player the most popular brand. For its fifth version, the Nano is developing an objective that can capture video (but no photos!), A new dress and some additional features now included as standard (radio, voice recorder, pedometer). The iTunes jukebox take this opportunity to switch to version 9. Let's see if the latest new music from Apple is a credit to the brand.

Launched in 2005 to replace the iPod Mini, iPod Nano has quickly become the most popular Walkman brand, despite the introduction in 2007, the iPod Touch which is still a top range. It is true that the Nano small, unlike the older iPod Classic, still has many strengths, including its small size and colorful dress that make it a very attractive player. Proof of its success is undoubtedly the star of the 2009 series between an iPod Touch that evolves as technology and an iPod Shuffle which merely reproduces colors. Without changing so drastically last year, the new Nano is enhanced with a video camera (strangely absent from the Touch) and a few aesthetic improvements or internal.

One player finally maturing?

Since its introduction, the iPod Nano has undergone many changes in its functionality as in design ranging from one year to another in the form of screen size or materials used. The fifth version of the player seems to finally bring some stability with a model who wants a significant evolution, but gently, the previous model. A double-edged observation: if the iPod Nano fifth of the name is an attractive player, has he sufficient reasons for an owner to iPod 4G, cracking again? We try to answer these questions.

iTunes: A revolutionary V9?

Along with its new line of music players, Apple also introduced the new version of iTunes, described by Steve Jobs of the most important development of iTunes for a long time. In fact, iTunes 9 makes several changes in its interface as in that of its online store, a few new features such as shared library between authorized computers or reorganization of applications for the iPhone or iPod Touch and a new format virtual album, meant to restore "LP" their visual side lost with dematerialization. The complementarity between the iPod and iTunes have made Apple's success so far, we focus also on iTunes 9, a figure definitely in the air.


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