Oct 16, 2009

Comparison of navigation programs for iPhone.

Surprising thing: that while Apple's iPhone has a GPS chip for the 3G model, it took more than a year to see land the first programs of assistance to road navigation. This late start is because there is little time yet, the terms of the iPhone development kit forbidding the development of such programs. Fortunately, this rule no longer applies. Unsurprisingly, the biggest names in navigation have successively occupied the land of the AppStore offering the flavors of their flagship browser software. In early summer 2009, the German Navigon has fired first by publishing MobileNavigator. The developer has been closely followed by the famous Dutch TomTom and more recently, by CoPilot Live. It is precisely these three players that we offer you to discover throughout this comparison.

Despite their similarities, the GPS navigation applications are very different. All programs in this family are distinguished by their ergonomics more or less accessible by the many options offered by the quality and quantity of data (maps, POIs, etc..) And most importantly, the quality of audio instructions and visual. Of course, we can also talk about the price factor which can vary greatly from one application to another (there only to observe the difference between TomTom CoPilot Live to be convinced). We have spent all these main points reviewed to observe the strengths and weaknesses of these three assistants navigation. Follow the guide to find your way through the jungle assistants GPS on iPhone.


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