Oct 16, 2009

Guide of buying laptops in June 2009
Sign of the times? The laptop has the wind in its sails, and many manufacturers trying to break into this promising market. Consequence of this infatuation: the references are increasing and it becomes very difficult to identify the machine of his dreams, or at least one offering the best value on a given segment of the offer. This guide aims to help you become aware of the criteria for choosing a laptop and you suggest some models identified by our editorial as leaving the lot.

As always, you'd better have a clear idea of its real needs before embarking on the purchase of a laptop. Can I use it in the move or is he destined to replace a desktop computer? I devote myself to the joys of video editing and 3D modeling or I shall simply surf the Web and send emails? Am I a gambler or a supporter of design? To help you in your quest, we selected several categories related to the use you make of your computer, the price criterion is often related to such use.


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