Oct 17, 2009

Five camera phones in the test

If it had retained only one high-tech product in our pocket, it would without a doubt the mobile phone. Already because mobile communication is now embedded in our lives to the point where it has become unthinkable without it. But also because the modern cell represents by far the digital convergence most complete telephony but also audio / video player, camcorder, camera, calendar, Internet browser and email manager, GPS ...

The modern phones can do everything! However, to meet different needs, they are more or less specialized in certain areas. Thus, it lists smartphones, musicphones and camera phones, to be a substitute respectively laptops, audio players and cameras. This last category of camera phones, more interesting title, which is the subject of this comparison with five competing models!

The camera phones can they compete with digital cameras? This issue, we have already raised many times, has so far always got a negative response and fairly resolved. But now the question returns to the mind as the best camera phones of the time have something to drool, at least on paper: 8 Megapixel sensor, autofocus, Xenon flash, image stabilizer, choice of sensitivity to 1 600 ISO, face detection and smile, APM contrast, geo-tagging ... The wind is he spinning? To verify this, we selected the cream of camera phones, the Samsung Ultra Player, Sony Ericsson C905, LG KC910 Renoir, Nokia N82 (the N86 is not yet available at time of testing) and Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5. These five competitors will be tested as the cameras they aspire to make us forget. Of course, as a camera phone is primarily a phone, we will certainly review the basic features of the smart object.

Evaluation Criteria

To see if these phones can replace a camera, we have tested on four main criteria. First image quality, a vast area that includes the sharpness of the captured scenes, the mix of JPEG compression, the fidelity of colorimetry, the accuracy of exposure, the usefulness of the digital zoom or the effectiveness of the flash. This in different lighting conditions. Then ergonomics, a concept that attaches to the appropriateness of the arrangement of menus, the layout of controls and the overall grip of the phone. Another crucial factor responsiveness. Indeed, to capture beautiful pictures, it is still necessary that the phone react at the right time. So we timed the time to start the camera mode, the speed of autofocus, the onset latency or the time between two shots. Finally, the choice of settings and features can make a difference. It is there that many parameters can be adjusted? and what precisely? The phone offers there all modes of shooting necessary? Does the one specific technologies, such as stabilization or face detection? All important to control image capture. And we also look at what opportunities are integrated touch the phone, and possibly if software image processing is included with the device.

Note that it is difficult to consider the price of phones in our test results. Indeed, among the bare sale, renewal, with varying degrees of loyalty points, or open a new subscription for a fixed-term variable rates are the big difference between excess and almost free ... But as always, by canceling your subscription and going to see in competition, if you're free of any commitment, you will find these camera phones at the best price.

LG KC910 Renoir

Nokia N82 Motorola Motozine ZN5..................................... Samsung Player Ultra


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