Oct 20, 2009

Configure the Livebox Mini: we guide you
Several months after its official announcement, the Livebox Mini has finally made its
appearance in Orange. Succeeding the first Livebox Livebox Mini, also called Livebox 1.2, wants to be more compact and more environmentally friendly because it consumes less energy according to Orange. Technically, its features are pretty much identical to the first Livebox except that Bluetooth has this time gone for good. Note improved resistance to storms, a range Wi-Fi improved and a greater quantity of onboard memory.

Yet equipped with Wi-Fi circuit type i802.11g the Livebox Mini undergoes profound changes in
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its configuration interface. This has indeed been fully reviewed
and has nothing in common with the old interface of the first Livebox. So that always distinguishes two types of Livebox Mini, a model manufactured by Sagem another by Inventel, Orange had the good idea to unify the interface configuration: that your Livebox Mini is a Sagem or Inventel presentation and options are identical. But what is the difference between the model and the model Sagem Inventel? Using a different chip, the Livebox Mini Inventel using a Broadcom chip. But we lose our way because our purpose here is to present in detail the configuration options of the Livebox Mini: small tower owner!

Beware, the aim of this paper is not explain in detail what a router, please refer to our section dedicated to configuring a router for a detailed explanation of basic concepts.

Orange Livebox Mini

A new homepage
The home page of this new formula Livebox Mini consists of two tabs and a box "condition of your home network. This lists all devices connected to your network without you even having to identify yourself. Access to the Configuration tab needs to be identified as an administrator.

Orange Livebox Mini - 1


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