Oct 20, 2009

Creative ZEN X-Fi vs iPod Touch 2G 32GB: game on
It is a fact, Apple dominates the market for digital music players via its famous and iconic iPod. Fortunately, competition is not standing still! Thus the firm in Singapore, Creative, to whom we owe the first portable digital hard drive, launched at the end of last year's ZEN X-Fi. A player who bid for the first time some of the functions offered by the latest audio chip from Creative. Meanwhile, Apple renewed its line of iPods, with the release of the iPod Touch second generation.

While both devices offer the same amount in terms of storage, ie 32 GB each, their features but also their design are at odds. One is ultra-flat and gives pride to a generous display, the other is more compact, more compact and placed on the processing capabilities of its convincing. The match between these two devices in the following lines!

Creative ZEN X-Fi: A stylish player
Compact, about 70 grams, the ZEN X-Fi comes in a green transparent plastic that is reminiscent of previous packages iPods. The opening of it is also a touch sensitive so that the extraction of its video player retention requires some care and patience if we do not want to break everything.

Level design, the ZEN X-Fi is more a mat and if the finish is definitely neat, the aesthetics of the whole should not trigger hysteria of crowds. When Apple retains quality materials but it is true to its fragile iPod Touch first or second name, Creative merely a plastic shell, silver gray. The manufacturer is once again the opposite of Apple, as it equips its ZEN X-Fi with a color screen (16.7 million) relatively small 2.5-inch diagonal, a very good quality. And where Apple offers only the bare minimum of buttons, Creative will have 13 to the right of the screen, including 9 for navigating menus. Other buttons there is a rewind button, a button play / pause, and a button to access the configuration menu.

Relatively intuitive, these controls are poorly positioned and their label is usually confused when we regret the lack of backlighting of keys: the black view that the 9 buttons directional keypad is used is an exercise difficult.
Creative Zen X-Fi 32 Go - 1
Creative Zen X-Fi 32 Go - 2

On the right side of the player, there is a jack could not be more standard mini USB connector, one button reset and an operation indicator. The top of the device includes a slot to slide a memory card Secure Digital (SD HC compatible) to expand the storage capacity of the player while a window on the bottom of the unit can enjoy the sound the built-in speaker. Finally and probably the greatest aberration in the design of the ZEN, the button start is at the back of the camera. His modus operandi is somewhat curious since it is necessary to drag the button down and hold this position for a few seconds to turn on or off ZEN whereas positioning the button up on the block mode current the camera and all those buttons.
Creative Zen X-Fi 32 Go - 10


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