Oct 20, 2009

Try Dell Mini 12: netbook netbook or not.?

Last week, we were testing the Eee PC S101 Asus and concluding that its price too high, the excluded category of netbooks. That name is, we believe, not infinitely expandable, and it should define its borders, notably with the ultra-portable. And now the Dell Mini 12 is positioned on the cell border we seek to build. So netbook netbook or not?

After the Mini 9 that we tested in our comparative 14 netbooks, Dell offers this month its new model, the Mini 12. As its name implies, the latest addition to Dell offers a 12-inch screen, larger than 10 inches tiles found on netbooks. And this is not the only surprise awaiting us here. But let's start by describing the appearance of the Mini 12. Proposed black as regards the outer shell, it features around the keyboard and screen a gray plastic of good quality, pleasant to the touch. Very stripped, the design of the Mini will please or not. The area left blank for the palm rest is such a little too high for our liking. In contrast, fineness should be unanimous, with 2.8 cm thick and even feet including 6 mm for the front.
Dell Mini 12 (14)
Dell Mini 12 (19)

If weight of 1.28 kg (including battery) is not among the lowest of the netbooks we've already tested, it is good to put this value by the size of the screen. Note well that it is lighter than some 10-inch models we've had in my hands, like the Eee PC 1000H from Asus.


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