Oct 20, 2009

HTC Dream and Magic: the Google Phone in Test
Based on the mobile version of OS X that runs the iPhone, iPod Touch boasts as the Apple phone to install third party applications since version 2.0 system, including video games a amazing quality offered at very low prices. After shaking the world of music and that of mobile phones, Apple may well be a place in the handheld gaming industry, especially to provide shade to the Sony PSP.

MP3 player / Multimedia Apple iPod Touch 16GB (clone)
When Apple launched the first iPod games in 2006, the Cupertino company aroused some curiosity, but do not frankly shook the gaming industry. The few available titles (Pac-Man, Tetris, Bejeweled ...) has a huge technological gap in relation to portable consoles from Sony and Nintendo and it was impossible to see players at the tiny screen to shade the DS or PSP. Things have changed dramatically with the release of the iPhone, then the iPod Touch, both devices incorporate a much more complex components and advanced enough to run games in 3D, using what is more capacity to innovative interaction (touch, accelerometer).

However, if the game is one of the strengths highlighted on the iPhone, the stroke of genius from Apple could be positioning the iPod Touch so aggressive on the field of portable consoles, thus attracting a wider audience than that of the iPhone that is essentially a smartphone. The message could not be clearer: the latest advertising player has a dozen games before concluding on the possibility of incidental use for listening to music! The catalog is already available therefore a platform it launched less than a year and prices are well below those of a game for DS or PSP. Moreover, distribution via the App Store allows you to switch from cartridges, or even to download games directly on the device, Wi-fi. All assets that lead us to wonder if the iPod Touch can bring a good game console. For this, we compared the user experience of the player than the PSP and the DS and scoured the App Store in search of the best games available, or at least those who come closest to what located on a console "classic" (knowing that they are naturally compatible with the iPhone).


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